Shields Valley Ranchers

Bringing the same meat that ranchers eat to your table

Our beef is raised with care, compassion, and sustainable practices in the great state of Montana

Our amazing meat will satisfy your deepest craving

We know where our beef comes from, we know that each bite will be prime, and we know that the animals were taken care of with love and compassion. From ranch to table, you can taste a quality that is like none-other.

Excellent beef meets excellent recipes

Shields Valley Ranchers, not only want to share our best beef but our recipes that have been passed down across families and generations.

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Montana, where beef grow up happy and healthy

Spectacular scenery of alpine tundra, high mountain peaks and wide green valleys where ranchers are raising quality livestock for over 100 years. That’s Shields Valley.

Why to buy directly

It’s all about you and the people you love eating healthy and prime meat that is home-raised in a great enviroment, the same meat we put on our table here in Montana. And that’s easy. Either alone or by getting together with other customers you purchase a cow that we raise with the utmost care. Once it is ready, it will be processed and you will be finally able to enjoy the amazing meat.

Meet our ranchers

We are a group of reputable, independent ranches based in Shields Valley, Montana. Our families has been ranching for generations. Our beef is raised with the utmost care. We intentionally consider the impact on the land, the environment, and the livestock themselves. 

Get in touch

Whether you have questions about how we grow and process our meat, how much meat you should buy, where to pick it up and when, or even if you want to come and visit us! Feel free to drop us a message anytime.